Thursday, August 20, 2009


I follow the cutest blog - Monograms and Manicures. The author, Hopsy, has almost 900 followers and her daily posts are quite amusing and sometimes informative (I got a great cakeball recipe, found a cute website, "Not Soap Radio," etc.). Last month, she posted a opportunity to participate in a "swap" and I eagerly signed up. It is my first one. There were 128 other followers who also signed up and she did a great job of randomly pairing us up. The theme was "Fall into Prep." My "Swap Partner" lives in White Oak, Texas. She is a fellow blogger but unfortunately she is a Duke Basketball fan (ugh! I am a Maryland fan and Duke is our biggest rival). I had lots of fun shopping for her and even added a little something for her daughter and her dog. We mailed our packages to each other the beginning of this week. I can't wait for the mailman to come!

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Leslie said...

how fun!! I am so sorry I missed the post - how interesting, can't wait to hear how the experience was!