Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year New Blog!

2011 is the year that I am getting serious about four things: staying healthy, keeping my relationships strong, organizing and redecorating my home and saving $10,000 by cutting corners, getting creative and doing without. I hope you will follow me in my quest to lead a simpler life. Maybe my tips will help you get in better shape, keep in touch with friends, stay organized and save some big money!

Today is Day One: Health Day!

Normally, this is the day I re-join Weight Watchers, stick to my 21 daily points, make my goal of losing 10 pounds sometime in March and then go off the wagon....Not this year -- beginning today I am going to set a goal of losing 17 pounds before March 18. If I post it in public, then I will stick to it. I need to expend 59,500 more calories then I will take in over the next ten weeks. I will post tips from my diet plan and exercise routine. Perhaps you will join me.

Today's Health Tip: Fiber One

I love Fiber One and believe it is my #1 diet aid. Just one cup of Fiber One cereal with a cup of skim milk gives you 100% of the fiber you need for the day, plus it helps curb the mid-morning munchies. I eat my bowl of bran with a hardboiled egg (white only) on the side and a cup of coffee or tea. It is a GREAT breakfast for less than 500 calories.