Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last Ones, I Promise!!

Dan is holding a 4 1/2 foot icicle that was hanging from the front of the house

This is my neighbor's deck - it was never shoveled - notice the snow fills the entire deck

#1 Son helps with the shoveling

More Photos

This is my Volkswagen Cabrio under the snow. Its license plate reads "2DEBCH" for "to the Delaware Beach."

Icicles hanging from the porch light

I am standing next to a more than l6 foot high snow wall

Dan is just starting to dig out the driveway - it took over 2 hours!

Blizzard of 2010

Location: Columbia, Maryland (between Baltimore and Washington DC)
Total Accumulation: 53 inches fell between February 5 and February 10.
We had to dig out, so the 53 inches quickly became 66 inches piled high!!
I can't wait until Spring and believe me, this snow will still be on the ground until then!